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Think “Inside the Box” to Help Fight Childhood Hunger

Farmboy American Fare Catered Boxed Lunches (Red Tractor Lunchbox) to Benefit Association of Arizona Food Banks’ School & Summer Meal Programs for Kids

Every Boxed Lunch Benefits Childhood Hunger

PHOENIX – (January 29, 2019) — Farmboy American Fare, a full-service catering company in the Valley, has launched its “Red Tractor Lunchbox” (boxed lunch delivery) program with an on-going giving campaign to benefit the Association of Arizona Food Banks’ (AAFB) childhood hunger programs, which connect school and summer meals to children in Arizona.  When you need to order lunch, “Red Tractor Lunchboxes” are a perfect way to cater company sales meetings, seminars, group lunches, picnics or any event serving food.  For every single lunchbox ordered, a donation will be made to AAFB programs.  Red Tractor Lunchboxes can easily be ordered online at or by calling 480-447-3501.


“Growing up on the farm, you didn’t think twice about helping someone in need.  It’s just what you did to be a good neighbor,” said Zach Gibbs, owner of Farmboy American Fare.  “The Red Tractor Lunchbox” giving campaign is our way of carrying on that tradition.  I can’t think of a better way to do that than by feeding people, which is what we love to do.”  Farmboy American Fare will donate 25 cents from every lunchbox ordered; and when ordering online, there is an option to donate an additional dollar amount.  Considering stats provided by food bank members of the AAFB, the donation from every lunchbox ordered really adds up when helping to feed people in need.


Currently in Arizona, nearly one in four children don’t consistently get the food they need to grow and thrive. “Children who are focused on their growling tummies can’t focus on learning,” said Angie Rodgers, president and CEO of AAFB. “Through special grants and donations like the “Red Tractor Lunchbox” giving campaign, we work to support our community in making sure kids get the nutrition they need through programs such as the Summer Food Service Program, School Meals and Alternative Breakfast Models.”

Check Out Our Menu

Farmboy American Fare’s menu is available online and boasts amazing lunches prepared by Chef Mike such as the Blue Ribbon Prime Rib Sandwich, Southern Fried Chicken, Harvest Bounty Plate, BBQ Pulled Pork with housemade pickles and The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies. Red Tractor Lunchboxes are perfect for quick, fun office events, sales meetings, picnics in the park or a family gathering.  The Lunchboxes are delivered to your door or conference room.  Farmboy makes it easy to order, easy to pay and easy to set up.  We can’t promise that lunch won’t be delivered by tractor.



About AAFB

Established in 1984, the Association of Arizona Food Banks (AAFB) is a private, non-profit organization serving five regional food bank members and a network of nearly 1,000 food pantries and agencies. AAFB is one of the first state associations in the nation and an inaugural partner state association of Feeding America. AAFB was instrumental in the development of a statewide gleaning project, and our advocacy efforts have brought about beneficial state and federal legislation for our member food banks and the people they serve.

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