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Meet the Team

Zach Gibbs

The Farmboy

Zach was born and raised on the Gibbs family farm in Ohio, where His roots go back many generations in agriculture. As a young man, he worked on some the largest cattle ranches in the country, where he also enjoyed success as a rodeo cowboy and horse trainer. A true entrepreneur at heart, Zach has started and owned several businesses. After Starting out as a single ice cream shop in Scottsdale, AZ, Zach has grown the business into what it is today, a successful catering and concessions company. Zach has two children, both of which help daily with the family business.

Mike Scoplitte

Executive Chef

A Phoenix native that grew up cooking with his grandmother. He received his first cookbook at age 13 and attempted his first dinner party at 14. His passion for cooking intensified throughout his 20’s where Mike found himself traveling and cooking in remote parts of Alaska, Colorado and Montana. After more than 30 yrs his career has taken him from the “all you can eat” fry cook to the Executive Chef of a prestigious golf resort and multiple restaurants. He has the passion and talent to create unforgettable meals, events and experiences — from mild to wild and everything in between.

“Farmboy American Fare is an extension of who I am; my heritage, my lifestyle, my passion. But it’s more than just great food. It represents a culture of honesty, integrity, hard work, family and stewardship of the land. A culture that emphasizes character and tradition over money and fame. This is how I was raised, and this is the legacy I intend to pass on. God Bless America, God bless farmers.”

– The Farmboy